The McGrory Story

By Liv Grohn on Nov 03, 2016 at 11:09 PM in Take The Challenge

Bob and Gina McGrory lost their only son, Justin, to a driver who was high on marijuana. This video is unique because they not only talk about their loss, but also their forgiveness. Bob and Gina forgave the stoned driver, Rafael Garcia, and today they work together through the Hound Foundation to educate people so they understand it’s not safe to drive under the influence of weed.

The McGrory Story

Unfortunately, six years later, stories of marijuana-impaired driving accidents are becoming more common. Education about the dangers of using pot and driving lag behind the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. Whether you use weed or not, we can all work together to spread the word about the dangers of driving stoned.

Credit: The Hound Foundation

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