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Driving impaired isn't an "age" thing, rather it's a judgement issue.

Drug legalization is being called "the grand experiment" because the reality is, we simply don't know what the unintended repercussions might be. Expected and unexpected news pieces are coming out daily that will affect general public safety and possibly the health and well-being of the young people in your life. Are you aware?

Mothers Against Driving Stoned intends to post articles with a short Facebook style synopsis for you, the busy neighbor, leader, parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, mentor, etc. so that you can keep up with the current news and how it might affect those around you without becoming overwhelmed.

It is likely that lobbying our public officials might need to occur. MADS may be directed to organize community on how to lobby our leaders for necessary changes to ensure public safety.

As a community, our hope is that the new law(s) act as intended--additional monies are poured into state coffers and the illegal drug market disappears. That would, objectively, be good for the community. What wouldn't be good for the community? Teens experimenting with this drug that can stunt their brain development. Teens driving stoned … adults driving stoned.

Laws are made with public safety in mind. It is important for us, as a community, as voters, as a people -- as parents -- to ensure that we know the risks and to ask that our community leaders act with the knowledge of the risks as well as they come to light. Demanding that road-side testing be developed with some of the additional tax dollars might be an idea. Stiffer penalties for those driving impaired. Holding offenders accountable. Getting those who need it, treatment.

Because one thing is certain, driving while impaired, regardless of drug, is unacceptable. Driving stoned is not safer than driving drunk. Driving stoned is NOT safer than driving sober.

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